Wooden Whisky Barrel Boot Jack

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Wooden Whisky Barrel Boot Jack

  • ​Individually hand crafted in Scotland
  • Perfect for removing the stubborn and sometimes mucky boots and shoes


Wooden Whisky Barrel Boot Jack

  • Individually hand crafted in Scotland
  • Perfect for removing the stubborn and sometimes mucky boots and shoes
  • Made from vintage Oak whisky barrels
  • Ever single item is unique and one of a kind
  • Dimensions Approx 35cm x 10cm x 9cm (this is only an approx and can vary due to it being a natural product)

This is a unique piece which is perfect for easy removal of footwear after a long day. Darach do very little to the barrel cosmetically to keep the product looking as natural as possible, this is why you will notice the contrasting difference between the light oak which was originally the outside of the barrel and the dark charred inside section on most pieces (whisky barrels are charred before the whisky is put in this is what gives it that smokey taste) The fact they have kept that original contrast on their pieces and not altered it to much only adds to how amazing each piece is. There is something fascinating about the history around whisky barrels, these barrels can be a decade old some even older and to have a home piece crafted from an item that was designed to store and hold whisky for such a long period of time is remarkable. Even more so when you receive the item there is still an subtle soft hint of that familliar whisky smell that the wood of the barrel helped flavour. You do not need to be a whisky lover to appreciate the work time and commitment that went not only making the whisky it stored but the wonderful restoration that went into transforming it into a stunning feature for your home. 

Darach is a small family run company, based in the Scottish Highlands.  At Darach they take pride in creating quality furniture and gifts from vintage oak whisky barrels.  Each one of their products is individually hand crafted, ensuring that every piece is unique.

 Darach recognise and respect the long history and tradition of their whisky barrels and their intriguing story.  Their barrels start their lives as storage vessels for sherry or bourbon, before moving on to their better known role of storing whisky until it reaches maturity, a process which can take decades.  When the barrel has finally completed this vital and principal task they take it to the Darach workshop and breathe new life into it as part of their stunning range of beautiful, unusual and functional pieces. 


Please note that this is a natural product and although the design of each piece is the same the sizes do vary slightly.


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