Square Heathergem Cufflinks

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Square Heathergem Cufflinks

  • Dimensions - approx 2cm by 2cm
  • Your very own piece of Scotland

Square Heathergem Cufflinks

Beautiful meticulously crafted Heathergem cufflinks is a truly unique item.


  • Approx 2cm by 2cm

This is a natural product and it may vary. If this item is out of stock we can not give an approximate timescale as to when we will receive more in the colour you may require.

If you need anymore help of information regarding our Heathergem products please contact us on 01316603451 or email us at dalkeith@kilthire.com and we will be happy to help.

Heathergems are handcrafted from the stems of scottish heather, renowned for its purple bloom. The heather is collected from the Perthshire hills. The stems are then dried, shotblasted to remove the bark and dyed various colours. Stems of different colours are mixed and compressed  into a block. Approx eighty tons of pressure is required to press the stems together. The Heather block is then cut into slices and individual pieces are cut, shaped, filled and sanded by skilled craftworkers before being lacquered to give the final finish. This unique process means no two heathergem sgian dubhs are the same and lets you take home your very own piece of Scotland. 


Making Heathergems


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