Woven Thistle Sterling Silver Cufflinks by Wallis Hunter

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Woven Thistle Sterling Silver Cufflinks by Wallis Hunter

  • Made in Scotland

These stunning Woven Thistle Sterling Silver Cufflinks by Wallis Hunter will Dress up Your Evening Shirt to the MAX!

  • Delicate carved thistle shapes on rectangular framework.
  • Figure of eight and oval fittings
  • size: approx. 2cm x 1.1cm
  • Available in gold on request
  • Blackened ’antique’finish gives interesting contrasts
  • Made in Scotland



The Kilt Pin Company is an off-shoot of Wallis Hunter which is a small but dynamic precious metal workshop on the West Coast of Scotland. Who would think , as you trundled past us on our wee single track road, that there was a thriving and innovative business just over the wall.

For years - too many to mention - we have been using state of the art methods to produce gold and silver jewellery which we send all over the country. However when we were developing a very unique Scottish range we felt it was time to branch out, and added a few kilt pins to the collection. Wow! We discovered that you all have a great desire for uniquely designed and beautifully made kilt pins and cuff links in sterling silver - and even gold!

By the wonders of modern technology (based in fact on ancient Egyptian methodology) we can start off with one perfectly made master pattern and reproduce it so that we get a reasonably priced beautifully finished piece for the customer. So - lots of up -to -date techniques used, but a the end of the day lots of hand work as well and it requires the whole team of 6 of us to get it all together.

To add variety we have mixed silver with bronze to give some fairly macho pieces, and to be more conventional we also do a pewter range (not made here because of contamination problems ) - but still with our rather un-conventional designs.

The delight for us is that we see the whole thing from start to finish; if there are problems or improvements to be made we can do them there and then; we continually push forward with designs and ideas, we experiment with new processes, and we work as a real team so that if you do well you can have cakes on Friday, but if you make a mess of things it's onto the naughty step!




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