Round Zebrano Wood Cufflinks

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Round Zebrano Wood Cufflinks

  • Made from Zebrano wood

This beautiful range of cufflinks are made from African wood. These cufflinks are made from hand crafted Zebrano wood attached to a barrell toggle.

The cufflinks will be presented within a blue presentation box


Cufflinks are items of jewellery that are used to secure the cuffs of shirts. They can be manufactured from a variety of different materials such as metal, fabric, glass, stone, precious metals and more commonly used now, wood. The cufflinks are normally secured by a folding metal toggle, once the cufflink is fed through the shirt the toggle is folded horizontally to secure the cufflink on the shirt. There are also other variants of cufflink which are secured by a chain or even a ball of elasticated fabric. The front sections of the cufflink can be decorated with different designs ranging from, gemstone inserts, laser etching, metal engraving and even fabric inserts. 

Cufflinks are designed for use with shirts which have cuffs with buttonholes on both sides but no buttons, these can be used on single or double cuff shirts. Some shirt manufacturers now make single cuff shirts with the double buttonhole and also a button so you can wear the shirt with or without cufflinks.

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