Purple Mens Garter Flashes Purple Fabric Silk Look

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Purple Mens Kilt Garter Flashes Purple Fabric Silk Look Description

Double Kilt Garter Flashes made from a range of solid colours in 100% Silk to complement the colours of your kilt. Flashes hang from the outside of your socks (hose). They come supplied with elastic that fastens with a hook and latch under the cuff of your hose.  These Garter Flashes are doubled with two pieces of fabric per flash.

Other colours available

Black, Blue Ancient, Brown Muted, Gold, Green Ancient, Green Modern, Navy Modern, Ruby Modern, Scarlet Modern


Garter Flashes for a Kilt in Silk Look Purple Fabric


  • Garter Flashes are elasticated straps worn inside the cuff of the hose to hold them in place.
  • They hang down from the folds in the kilt hose and are for decoration
  • They do help to keep the kilt socks at the correct height & the Sgian dubh in place
  • The flashes are short strips of fabric hanging from the garter
  • They mainly match the tartan or are complementary in colour to the kilt fabric.
  • These are made in Scotland
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