Huntsman Ready Made 8 Yard Kilt

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Exclusive Huntsman Ready Made 8 Yard Kilt

√ Unique Kilt made specifically for thekiltstore's new range of tartans

  • Exclusive tartan to thekiltstore
  • Hand made with some machining
  • Belt loops on the back of the kilt
  • Made in Scotland
  • 8 yards of cloth to ensure the correct depth and number of pleats
  • Quality natural-fibre canvas and linings help make the kilt breathable & hard-wearing
  • Three quality leather straps at the waist and one at the hip ensure a comfortable fit
  • Tucked-in selvedge edge provides a non-fraying finish to the bottom of the kilt
  • Double Buckles. If you find your weight fluctuates a little bit or you are planning on gaining or losing weight in the future, double buckles are a great way of making the kilt more accommodating. The ready order kilt we have here is supplied with double buckles to allow for this.
  • We offer a variety of pleating options to tailor the look of the kilt just the way you want it, we have here a pleat to sett. Pleating to the sett is the most common type of pleating which results in the kilt looking the same at the front and the back. A full sett of the tartan is folded into each pleat so that the tartan  pattern appears to be continuous across all the pleats.

If you require any help ordering please do not hesitate to contact our experienced staff on 0131 660 3451

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