Highland Cow Mug by Highland Stoneware

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Highland Cow Mug by Highland Stoneware

  • Perfect addition to any home
  • Hand made in Scotland, inspired by the surroundings
  • A best seller!

Highland Cow Mug by Highland Stoneware

  • Perfect addition to any home
  • Hand made in Scotland, inspired by the surroundings
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Diameter: 9.5cm, Height: 9cm
  • Oven proof, Freezer proof, dishwasher & microwave safe
  • Please note that images shown are only representatives of the design. Each item is individually hand painted so no two are the exact same. 

This mug has captured the heart of Scotland perfectly with a beautiful hand painted picture of the iconic Highland Cow, a beautifully handcrafted design which depicts our much loved Highland Cow. It is not just beautiful to look at, due to the proccess involved and the semi-traditional techniques used to create each piece of Highland Stoneware it is also extremely reliable, durable and will last many years. 


Highland Stoneware was formed in 1974 by David Grant, 43 years later the small business has gone on to become one of the most popular hand crafted stoneware businesses in the UK and has a reputation internationally.

David Grant started the pottery after his time at the Royal College of Art in London. His passion for art and stoneware is clear as is his love for his country, the highlands and its beautiful scenic views which is the inspiration behind most of his pieces. He of course does not work alone David has a loyal and dedicated team that work with him to provide us with one of a kind, individual, handmade and painted pieces.


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Each piece is free style hand painted and unique; although the design matches there is variations to each which is what makes them so desirable. The artists are encouraged to make their own variations so that every single piece of highland stoneware is individual, each piece is signed by the artist, this has attracted many customers around the world who have went on to become collectors.


'When we received the new Highland Stoneware stock l laid them all out to have a look because I had thought to myself ‘surely they cannot all be different there is bound to be some that are the same’ I lined up our new landscape mugs we receive and went in for a good close up.....and it’s true not a single mug was identical, the birds were flying in different directions, the mountain ranges in the background all differed in sizes and shapes and the colours of the loch varied different shades from mug to mug it was then I truly appreciated the work, time and care that goes into each individual beautifully crafted item.'

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