Ghillie Brogue Cheaney Brand Goodyear Welted

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Cheaney ghillie brogue goodyear welted

  • The best quality Ghille brogue made in the UK
  • Good year welted 
  • Full refurbishment service available

Cheaney ghillie brogue goodyear welted 

  • All leather ghillie shoe
  • G Fitting 
  • Made in the UK  

These superb top of the range ghillies have been manufactured in the UK. Over a century of skill, pride and experience. To produce  a Cheaney goodyear welted shoe takes skill, pride and time....eight weeks to be precise. Each pair of shoes will pass through some 160 separate processes from the careful selection and cutting of the leather to the final polishing and packing. The result is a product crafted to give you years of pleasure. 

Cleaning: If muddy, remove carefully and wipe down with a damp cloth or sponge - never soak dirt off, this will affect the tannage of the leather. 

Drying: never place leather shoes near a fire or any other heat source such as radiators. This will dry your shoes unnaturally and make the materials hard, this can lead to cracking, particularly on soles. Allow them to dry slowly in a warm airy place, if possible using shoe trees to help retain the shape. Always use a good quality polish or cream made specifically for footwear. For suede shoes remove dirt when dry with a stiff brush and then brig up the nap with a suede brush. Suede needs a little extra care to retain its colour and appearance.  

Repair service: With proper care Cheaney shoes will give you comfort, value. and service over a considerable time. However if after wear you wish o extend the life of your Cheaney shoes, we are able, because of the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process, to offer, a full refurbishment service. Simply return to your nearest stockist (that’s us) where we will then return them to the factory where any repair work will be carried out on the lasts on which they were originally made. 

Caution: Finally a word of caution - Cheaney shoes are made to exacting standards and the use of stick on soles will cause the balance and fit of your shoes to be distorted.  


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