1. Solid State mens cologne

    Solid State mens cologne


    80% smaller than regular products. 100% smarter. 110% more handsome. Squeeze the bathroom products into whatever shower space you’ve been left. Slide the cologne in your pocket or bag. Take them all on an international flight, because airport security wouldn’t dare. 

  2. Harris Tweed made into kilt Jackets

    Harris Tweed made into kilt Jackets

    “Woven with love and care”

    The rare character and beauty of HARRIS TWEED is attributable to the fact that it is the only fabric produced in commercial quantities by truly traditional methods anywhere in the world. Hundreds of distinctive patterns developed over the centuries, each unique but unmistakably HARRIS TWEED with its characteristic subtle designs in complex natural shades.

  3. Sporran making in Edinburgh is alive & kicking

    Sporran making in Edinburgh is alive & kicking


    All our sporrans are made in Scotland, some from WM Scott & Sons in Edinburgh 

    The sporran you select usually depends on a number of factors: the style of outfit you'll wear, the occasion you're attending, but mainly your personal preferences. You may even have a selection of sporrans, so you are ready for all occasions, some personalised by you. 

    Our sporran guide give an indication on how we use them. 

  4. Kilt Outfit Accessories to buy

    Kilt Outfit Accessories to buy

    The next time you put on your Kilt to attend a wedding, Caleigh or other special event there is no way around the fact that your kilt accessories have an impact on how good your overall outfit will look on the day. We are not just any Kilt Shop in Scotland and our trained staff will help to will advise you there are certain accessories which will make your kilt outfit that extra special & make you look great on the day.


    Come to the kilt specialists.

  5. Edinburgh Kilt Store Location Eight Yards

    Edinburgh Kilt Store Location Eight Yards

    Our Edinburgh store is in a fantastic location on Haymarket Terrace. Previously the Kilt Store before we rebranded to Eight Yards, it’s been our home for many years.

    Our Edinburgh Eight Yards Kilt store is just a short distance from the Edinburgh Haymarket train station and an easy bus route to Princess Street.  At the Edinburgh, Haymarket kilt store we have friendly staff that are kilt experts and will give you advice and support to choosing the best kilt for your requirements.

  6. Edinburgh Fringe Festival Kilt Outfit

    Edinburgh Fringe Festival Kilt Outfit

    Edinburgh Fringe Festival Kilt Outfit Advice

    With the Edinburgh festival starting soon the capital will be buzzing with excitement over the August month. This will be a great time to visit the vast number of great shows on offer.

    Every year we see a lot of new talent arriving at the festival as well as returning acts. If it isn't your first time, then you probably have some favourites you like to see.


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